Printing House

In spite of the development of the Internet and other technologies, no company can take full promotion and in-house transactions without using printed products.
Our company Forte Press, which works in a wide range from market leading companies or small businesses, has become the leading company in its sector in Moscow with more than 10 years of experience and quality-oriented service concept.
Our printing house realizes the most comprehensive catalog, box, totem, paper bag, cardboard cup and other printed products among the smallest business cards to be processed by its extensive machinery and its professionals.

Our Printing;
2 pcs Komori LS 540 C (5 colors Lacquer, 72×103 cm)
4pcs Heidelberg SX74-5 L (5 colors Lacquer, 72x52cm)
Laminator UFMA-1050 (1050×1200 mm)
Although it has a prominent machine park, it has all the machines used in printing technologies in 4000 m2 closed area and all the machine park that may be required for post-printing processes.

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