Brochure & Catalog

The brochures and catalog prints are made with the latest model printing machines, which are made possible by the technology. All the special work that needs to be done after the printing (piece seesaw, waffle, lamination, folding, sewing etc.) is done in the machine course that the last technology produced and every work you design is produced in high quality.

Plastic & Paper Bag

In organizations you will be participating in, workshops and trade shows are packed in a minimum size of 70 microns designed to give you your promotions, brochures and catalogs in bulk as a whole, to your customers or partners.

DVD & CD Production

We are very careful in applying all the visuals that are displayed in the creation of your designs or corporate identity and the prints of your CD and DVD containers are carefully made and placed in cardboard boxes of data CDs or DVDs and delivered in the amount you want in adrese.

Cardboard Totem

You can use our Totems in your exhibition organizations, open spaces, intercity roads, street edges, remote locations and outlet centers. 190 x 60 cm sizes, Custom made from 550 gr cardboard with double sided offset printing Delivery in plastic special package